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                        ZHE JIANG HONGWUHUAN MACHINERY Co., Ltd. Was founded in Jun 1997. Over the past few years, the company has witnessed significant prosperity and has become one of the best large-scale manufactures in making air compressors and drilling machineries. HONGWUHUAN currently manufactures a wide range of machineries, such as all kinds of piston air compressors, screw air compressors, pneumatic rock drills, pneumatic and hydraulic down hole drills, breakers, drilling wagons etc., more than 300 varies of items in 8 product lines. The annual production capacity is over 200,000 units. Having implemented a name brand strategy that emphasizes growing our trademark globally, we have built up extensive sales, service and promotion networks. We have over 800 wholesalers around China as well as overseas market, which have exported products to Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa etc. In 2009, HONGWUHUAN' s total sales turnover hit RMB 1.2 billion.

                        We have around 800 full time employees. With the facilities, our company covers an area of 173,160 square meters, inside there are 70,000 square meters standard workshops. Company has advanced production lines, assembly lines, quality control center and electrostatic spray coating lines.

                        HONGWUHUAN adpots its unique organizational structure, which like a Dumbell that emphasizes main resources into research and development and sales and marketing. We have Dynamic Research Institute and Drilling Research Institute in the company, which are the only two provincial standard technological centers in Zhe Jiang Province. Dedicated to technological innovation and developing new products, we have series of quality inspection and testing apparatus sourced from reputable manufacturers at home and abroad. Using these instruments, our Quality Control personnel are able to ensure that all series comply with our stringent standards.

                        In view of our achievements, we had obtianed ISO9001 quality management system certificate, meanwhile, our various series have passed government evaluation. Additionally, our company has been evaluated as one of 100 leading enterprise in Zhe Jiang that possesses great growing potentiality. These achievements shows how we have developed since foundation just a few years' ago. HONGWUHUAN' s goal is to become a global recognizable brand.

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